Scratched art peacock and rainbow butterfly

This week, during the art lesson with Teacher Huiyi, we have completed 2 drawings. To me is doing a black and white drawing because the scratched art is with black background and the butterfly is with white but later painted with rainbow colours.

First, the smarties made the scratched art. They started making colourful background with patterns. If you have not realised it, the patterning really is therapeutic. It calms the person down and draws the person’s attention onto it without the person realising it. Yes, the smarties spent quite some time working on this quietly without any noise. They just keep working on it before they realised is completed. Just this background work alone took them 1.5hrs.
YS pattern art 2 YS pattern art 1

During the next lesson, they started scratching. The theme for this is peacock. Both were having fun scratching the image out but as it requires quite a bit of strength, mei mei took multiple breaks before she got it completed.
YS scratch 1 YS scratch 2

Here they are working together…
YS scratch 3

and here are the final results of their scratched art: Peacock. Able to make a guess who’s artwork it belongs to?
YS peacock1 YS peacock 2

There were still some time left and so Teacher Huiyi had the kids worked on another art and craft. The smarties were to make a rainbow painting. The smarties are always free to choose to do it horizontally or vertically.
YS butterfly1 YS butterfly2

Once completed, drawing started followed by cutting and adding glitters. The theme for this is butterfly. The cutting of the butterfly was quite a challenge for mei mei especially on the antenna as the area was really small. She was so worried of cutting off the antenna of the butterfly and “hurting” it.
YS glitter 1YS glitter 2

Taadaa! Their little rainbow butterflies. I am so going to hang this up in their playroom as a decoration. Awesome! 🙂
YS butterfly final1 YS butterfly final 2

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