SG50 pre-celebration in art

What’s SG50? It’s our country’s 50th birthday in 2015 and that’s an awesome milestone for a little red dot. 50 years of independence! Can you imagine that? We have come a long way and in order to make this a momentous event, everyone is putting in their best effort in every different ways.

This week, we are joining in by making a drawing that represents Singapore. My boy was asked what comes to his mind the first thing when we talk about Singapore. The first thing that came to his mind was the Esplanade also known as ‘the Durian’ because of its building’s design. The next thing was the Marina Bay Sands with its 3 tall hotel towers and a skypark right at the top of the buildings, which my boy has always imagine it to be a ship.

He started drawing out the images of Singapore with the 2 things that he mentioned.

His mind and focus seem to be drifted abit as his teacher keeps reminding him about his blending. Guess he must be tired from “running around” before the art lesson. So do remember to give your kids some rest time before starting any lesson because resting allows them recharge. After the well deserved break, the kids tend to be more attentive in whatever they do next.

With his determination and his love of art, he managed to finished up his drawing. He has even added helicopter and a man parachuting down from it.

I will definitely put this picture up on the wall. Not only do I see the beautiful landscape of Singapore, I also see determination and endurance. A job well done my boy!

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