You are currently viewing Smarties birthday party @ HADO Singapore (First Augmented Reality (AR) Techno Sports from Japan)

Smarties birthday party @ HADO Singapore (First Augmented Reality (AR) Techno Sports from Japan)

Usually, we have our birthday celebrations at home with our own family members. As for this year, we are trying out something different. No, we didn’t go for a huge celebration but a mini one with close friends. I wanted something where parents and kids can have fun together. While I was surfing, I came across Growing Hearts 123’s blog about an AR game that they were invited to. It looked really fun and interesting. So I called in to check for availability and quickly made the reservation (without checking for reviews or anything else). Yep, I am that “straight forward”. So how did it go? Read on to find out…

The crew greeted us with all smiles when we arrived. Before the adults could settle down, smarties were already putting on the accessories and getting ready to play under the guidance of the crew.
Smarties getting ready at Hado SG

Luckily we arrived early and we got the chance to warm up with the game so that we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves when our friends arrived (*just kidding!!*).
Smarties warming up to HADO games

We started off with the HADO Shoot. It was easy to play even for a non-gamer like me. All we need to do is to launch the fireballs at the poisonous mushrooms and cute-looking creatures that rush towards us. Look how cute they are!
Hado shooting game

Smarties’ friends arrived and immediately started their first round of warming up too!
smarties and friends warming up at the game

Enough of warming up and everyone couldn’t wait to get to the next stage: HADO Monster Battle. The kids couldn’t wait to battle the monsters and load the special powers to overcome all of them. Check out how cool the dragon was! The boys and the daddies had a hard time fighting against the monster. At the end of each game, you got to check out your score as well.

After everyone had a try on battling the monster, the kids wanted to battle with the parents! Oh yes, they revealed their true colours. They couldn’t wait to take revenge on their parents legally and rightfully. LOL! Check out the cool accessory. The kids got to strategized themselves in order to win the battle and they were pretty quick to get a hang out of it.
Smarty strategising

The daddies, didn’t want their ego to be crushed by the kids, were busy strategizing among themselves as well.
Daddies strategising their game

This was really exhausting but a great workout for all! We had to run around (within the area) trying to shoot at the opponents. I had a game with the kids and boy was I panting right after 1 round of the game! Imagine having to protect yourself from getting shot and at the same time having to attack the opponent in that small confined area. It was tough!

After a good workout, everyone was exhausted and hungry and here we were ready to have our cake cutting session. Everyone was asking us where was the birthday cake and we gave them a little surprise with 3 different toasts instead.

HADO Singapore provided us with vouchers from Meet and Melt (a cafe diagonally opposite HADO SG) for our guests so that they could grab drinks/food and have a break there whenever they want. Meet and Melt freshly made our birthday “cakes” and delivered over to HADO SG. We had an out of the world toast cutting session. Best of all, we didn’t have to worry about not having enough food or too much food thus resulting in food wastage. Thumbs up for this idea!
Food vouchers

Simply love the settings there! Simple and to the theme that we wanted. We didn’t have to go through the hassle of decorating the place and liaising with different food vendors as well. It really helped put our minds at ease and we got to enjoy the time with our guests and the games.

Not forgetting to get the crew to join us in the joyous occasion as well. They were all uber spontaneous!
Birthday with Hado Crew

Everyone was back to the game again after having their energy boosted up from the toasts and the sugar-rush from the ice-cream! Goody bags, from HADO SG, were given to each kid to bring home before the party ended. Even I am in love with their goody bags.
Hado goody bags

The party went on very well and everyone gave thumbs up to the day of fun and games. Smarties enjoyed themselves so much that they knocked out immediately after they reached home and settled down.

Planning for kid’s party? Look no further and head over to HADO Singapore. By the way, what you have seen here is AR not VR (not VR gaming). Not only the kids get to play, adults get to join in too. Want to know more about HADO Singapore, do check out their website at or you can follow them on Facebook and IG using HADOSingapore as the keyword search.

Not planning for parties? No worries, you can still give it a try! Here are their price packages and especially for all our readers, just mentioned ‘SmartiesLoveHADO‘ to their Game Masters and you can get $2 off for the EA packages. Hurry as this promo is valid for 3 months ONLY! How cool is that?
HADO Price packages

ABOUT HADO Singapore
 HADO makes use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology with the combination of motion censor, smartphone and sports to create a brand new experience called Techno Sports. Come on down and experience it yourself, it’s AR not VR! We are the first and only concept store in the world!
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  1. Thanks for linking up! This is a carnival party! With coupons for food and goodie bags and all the works. Looks like a blast for big and small! Blessed birthday to your boy!!
    It means another blessed year of parenting too.
    Angie Yeow

    1. YoungSmarties

      Most welcome! We saw your post and immediately decided on that! Both adults and kids really enjoyed it. Thanks for the well wishes and blessed year of parenting to you too 😉

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